State and Branch College/University (C/U) Chairs Tool Kit


College/university (C/U) relations chairs help increase AAUW’s visibility by building relationships in the campus community, collaborating on programs, and introducing AAUW’s mission to new audiences. They serve as local links between AAUW, the on-campus C/U representative, and student leaders. Through C/U relationships, AAUW branch and state organizations help build a stronger membership pipeline.

Use these resources to help AAUW recruit and retain C/U members and engage our campus community.


Whether you’re new to the C/U chair position or need a refresher, these are basic resources designed to empower you in your work.

C/U Recruitment

Get started building C/U relationships with faculty, staff, and students. Provide information to C/U reps, and don’t forget about community colleges!

C/U Engagement

Now that you’ve recruited members, how do you work with them? Follow these guides.

Student Leadership Opportunities

Connect student leaders with these resources.

Share with Us

  • Have a question about AAUW? E-mail For specific questions or issues related to C/U relations, e-mail
  • The national AAUW College/University Relations Committee is also a resource for state and branch leaders; use the leadership directory to contact the member nearest you.


College women members stand with their tri-panel poster.

How to Recruit College/University Members

AAUW college/university membership keeps growing and growing, and it’s no wonder. You, as members, are the best ambassadors to recruiting your local colleges and universities to join the AAUW community. So, how do you get started?

The National Coalition for Women and Girls in Education, which is led by AAUW, held a briefing June 19 on Title IX and campus sexual assault. The discussion featured (L-R) Neena Chaudhry of the National Women’s Law Center, Dana Bolger of Know Your IX, Lisa Maatz of AAUW, Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), Lisalyn Jacobs of Legal Momentum, and Katie Hanna of the Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence.

State College/University (C/U) Relations Chair Position Description

State college/university (C/U) relations chairs serve as the link between AAUW and the higher education community to recruit and retain AAUW college/university members in her or his state and to increase AAUW’s visibility on campuses.


3 Ways You Can Recruit E-Student Associates

Engaging your local AAUW college/university members in branch activities leads to more diverse programming, growth, and community impact.