Take the Lead with Legal Advocacy

One of AAUW’s landmark programs, the Legal Advocacy Fund (LAF) supports plaintiffs who fight gender discrimination and harassment in the workplace and in education. LAF leaders can use this resource to access LAF programs and engage their branches and state organizations with LAF’s work.

Sign up for LAF Express to keep up to date on LAF cases and news.

LAF Express is LAF’s monthly e-newsletter. With updates on LAF cases, major legal developments, and news about LAF programs, it’s the best way to keep up with LAF news. Sign up online and then share LAF updates with your branch.

Don’t miss our Supreme Court preview and wrap-up calls each term.

Courts matter — that’s why LAF exists. Each July and October, LAF hosts members-only calls about major Supreme Court cases and their impact on the rights of women and girls across the country. Keep an eye on LAF Express for announcements about our next call. Supreme Court decisions affect AAUW’s public policy work as well as the plaintiffs we support, and understanding important cases will inform other AAUW advocacy work. Work with your branch’s public policy chair and program vice president to take action around issues the Supreme Court is addressing.

Apply for a Campus Outreach Grant to educate students about LAF issues.

AAUW branches, state organizations, and student organizations can apply for up to $750 in funding to host or co-host an event on a college campus to educate students about the pay gap, Title IX, workers’ rights under Title VII, or other issues. Check out the Campus Outreach Grants page for programming ideas and to apply. Campus Outreach Grants are a great way to connect your branch with a local campus. Work with your branch’s C/U chair, search for AAUW college and university members near you, or e-mail laf@aauw.org for more information.

Join other AAUW branches and apply for a Case Support Travel Grant.

Bring an LAF-supported plaintiff or advocate to speak at your AAUW event or program. It’s the best way to learn about LAF’s work, and it will inspire both new and long-time AAUW members. Work with your AAUW state organizations or other local branches to apply for a Case Support Travel Grant.



Know Your Rights at Work

Laws exist to protect employees from discrimination and harassment — learn how to make sure those laws are protecting you.

Lady Justice

LAF Express

Our e-newsletter brings updates and reminders on AAUW’s legal advocacy work straight to your inbox.

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Case Support Travel Grant

Learn directly from the source! Apply to ask a plaintiff or advocate in an AAUW-supported case to speak at your next branch event.