Membership Dues Update

The AAUW Board of Directors voted in June 2017 to enact the first dues change in almost a decade. Effective March 16, 2018, national dues will increase from $49 to $59.

Annual dues currently account for 13 percent of AAUW’s annual budget. They help to sustain and grow AAUW’s programs and work that advances equity for women and girls. A combination of dues, donations, and corporate and foundation funding is critical to supporting AAUW’s salary negotiation workshops, groundbreaking researchadvocacy efforts, campus leadership programs, and so much more.

We believe we can do great things together and thank you for your continued support.

Watch this video from AAUW Board Chair Julia Brown, J.D., and Chief Executive Officer Kim Churches.

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Video Transcript


As most of you know, the AAUW National Board of Directors voted spring of 2017 to increase membership dues for the first time in ten years.

Why is an increase necessary?

Because AAUW needs your support to continue the fight for equity, and frankly, by not having any increases over the past decade, we haven’t even kept up with inflation.

If we want to realize the impact that women and girls deserve, we must ensure we have the resources necessary to make real change happen.


AAUW can continue to lead in advancing equity for women and girls through our research, programs, policy & advocacy and our fellowships & grants. And, we can do that by ensuring your investment as a member is focused on achieving more through our education and training initiatives, leadership programs and commitment to economic security for all women.

We know more women now graduate college than men, but still hold only 38% of all tenured faculty positions and a mere 28% of college and university presidencies.

Additionally, women carry two-thirds of the student debt in this country. When you factor in the gender pay gap, that number takes on even greater significance.

While we’ve always known it’s an unfair playing field for women, the past year has shed a blinding light on how very unsafe it can be as well.


The issues and answers we’ve researched and for which we’ve advocated are now part of the national conversation.

AAUW needs you more than ever, because women and families need us more than ever.


We can’t remain mired in an outdated dues structure while expecting new results from the organization we love.

AAUW remains committed to making real change happen and seeing the day when these inequities are a thing of the past… and we’re counting on you being part of that day.

Thank you for all you’ve done


…and for your continued support!

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Membership Collaborative Briefing: Dues Increase

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