Membership Payment Program (MPP)

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The Membership Payment Program (MPP) is a secure, online dues-processing alternative to the regular print version of the Branch Dues Report remittance process for AAUW branches and states. This free tool is located within AAUW’s Member Services Database (MSD).

Why use the MPP?

It’s Secure
Billing and receiving payments is safe for you and your members. Generate dues renewal notices to email directly to your members or print and distribute them.

It’s Convenient
Accepting and processing online payments is easy and convenient. Branch finance officers or members can mail in a check or pay with a credit card.

It’s Free

There’s no cost to branches or states for either the ACH (Automatic Clearing House) technology that automatically deposits funds into your bank account or credit card processing. No funds are ever withdrawn from your bank account.

AAUW states must first participate in order for branches within the state to have the option to do so. If your state is not a participant contact the state president who authorizes use of the MPP and urge them to sign up!

Is your branch a participant? Check now.

Get Started in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1
Branch and/or state presidents gather the banking and dues information below and complete the opt-in application in the MSD.

Membership Payment Program (MPP) Opt In
Banking Information Branch Dues (the amount the branch retains)
Bank name: Annual Member (MOB) $
Account holder Paid Life Member (MBL) $
Account number Honorary Life Member (MBHL) $
Routing number Student Affiliate (SAF) $
Federal Tax ID #

Step 2
Allow 14 business days for your branch banking information to be tested and verified to ensure successful deposits to your account.

Step 3
Receive approval to begin: Your branch and state finance officer will receive an email confirmation when your branch can begin using the MPP system.


The member’s entire dues (national, state, and branch) are processed through the MPP when the member pays online. The branch may submit a single payment to cover both the national and state dues and keep the branch portion when a branch debit or credit card is used. Both branch and state presidents authorize use of the MPP by online opt in.

This free tool is located within AAUW’s Member Services Database (MSD).

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