Membership Renewal Outreach Phone Script

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Patty sits at her desk and makes a phone call.Each year a percentage of AAUW branch members do not renew their memberships. This phone script will help AAUW leaders tell the story of the organization’s collective impact. Use it as a guide to call members who have not yet renewed and talk to them about the value of belonging. Add details about any branch and state programs, activities, and recent achievements that may appeal to members in your community.



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Boost Your Membership Renewals with This Calendar

You can renew all your members — you just need a plan.

AAUW Members at the 2017 National Convention

Use the Free Membership Payment Program

Have you enrolled your branch in the MPP yet? It’s the easiest way to streamline your dues collection and records.

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Creating Welcoming and Inclusive Organizations

Sometimes branches lose new members after only one meeting. This can be a symptom of an organizational culture that does not feel welcoming to new people.