How To Survey New Members

Download a sample new member survey Microsoft Word — 33 KB

Use this template to survey your new members and find out how they would like to get involved with your branch or state.

Why Should You Survey Your New Members?

Conducting a new member survey will help you learn what your members are seeking from their AAUW membership. Their responses will help you provide what members want, keep them engaged, and retain them as members for years to come!

How to Create a New Member Survey

A new member survey should answer two questions: (1) how can you make membership beneficial for the new member, and (2) how can the new member give back to your branch? These questions should guide the kinds of things you ask. Find out what issues matter to your new members, what kinds of events they would like to attend, and their skills. Offer lots of different opportunities to get involved, and you’re sure to find a fit that will entertain and engage them!

When to Survey New Members

Survey them as soon as they join. Don’t wait and miss the opportunity to get them involved in meetings. In addition to meetings, let your recruitment numbers guide your branch; if you have an event that brings in a lot of new people, do a survey within a week or two of the event.

What to Do with the Results

Remember to follow through on the survey responses: Make introductions with appropriate special-interest groups and help the member make connections. Look for patterns. If several new members all care about the same issue, host a program around that issue. If several express interest in a particular type of event, have them plan it themselves. If someone expresses interest in a particular leadership area or has skills your branch could use, reach out and talk to them about how they would like to get involved. In short, don’t keep survey information to yourself! Share it with the leaders in your branch so everyone can help keep these new members engaged.


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