PowerPoint: Barriers and Bias Research Report

Download Microsoft Office - OOXML - Presentation — 3 MB

Use this presentation to share the findings from AAUW’s research report, Barriers and Bias: The Status of Women in Leadership, at meetings, conferences, and other events. This presentation features recent data on the gender leadership gap in business, education, and politics. It also offers recommendations for closing this gap.

Women are underrepresented as leaders in almost all institutions across American society. The more powerful the role, the less likely a woman will occupy it — even in education, nonprofit organizations, and other areas that are largely dominated by women. The problem is even worse for women of color. Masculine stereotypes of leadership can result in implicit bias against women leaders. These unconscious biases create substantial barriers against women who aspire to leadership positions. Taking AAUW’s Implicit Association Test on gender and leadership is a great first step toward exploring and addressing your own unconscious biases.

Despite the challenges women leaders face, the gender leadership gap is a problem that can be solved. Acknowledging and challenging implicit bias, promoting professional sponsorship, encouraging flexible scheduling at work, and passing legislation to support women in the workplace are just a few of the ways to close the gender leadership gap.