Resources for Branch and State Presidents

As the AAUW branch or state president, it is your job to lead your organization in developing and implementing plans that carry out AAUW’s mission. As the team leader of your board, you are also responsible for building a strong team and ensuring your fellow board members get the support they need to carry out their work. Use the resources below to help you carry out your work.

Understand Your Role

Start by reading about your role as president.

Branch President/Administrator Position Description
State President/Administrator Position Description

Guide Your Branch

Learn how to lead your branch to develop a strong strategic plan, and hold effective meetings that help move your work forward.

How to Create a Strategic Plan for Your Branch
How to Design an Effective Planning Meeting

Members of the Friends of the Iowa Commission on the Status of Women meet to collect data on the composition of county and city boards and commissions.


Develop Your Team

Set the foundation for a strong board and help your team understand their responsibilities.

National, State, and Branch Leadership Positions
Prepare for the Upcoming Year with Board Member Transition Tools

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Learn about AAUW’s Bylaws, Policies, and Priorities

Make sure you understand the AAUW Bylaws, policies, and priorities and how they impact your branch work. Access sample state and branch bylaws to help you update your own.

AAUW Bylaws
AAUW Strategic Plan
Fundraising Policies: What AAUW Members Need to Know


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National, State, and Branch Leadership Positions

Learn more about leadership at AAUW! According to the AAUW Bylaws, branches are only required to have two officers: branch president and finance chair.

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Board Member
Transition Tools

Set next year’s board up for success with these how-to guides for conducting an end-of-year member survey, facilitating a board debrief, writing a transition memo for your successor, and planning recognition for your board.

2016 AAUW Bylaws Cover Art

State and Branch
Model Bylaws

AAUW’s model bylaws provide a framework to assist AAUW affiliates in preparing or amending their bylaws.