Shape The Future Membership Campaign

The Shape the Future membership campaign is a recruitment tool for current members to offer a discounted rate to prospective members. With this campaign, new members pay just 50 percent of the national dues rate when they join AAUW at a public event. Branches also earn one free national membership to give away for every two newly recruited members, with a maximum of three free memberships annually.

How to Use the Shape the Future Campaign

Step 1:

Hold an event (or participate in one) that is open to the public. Set up an AAUW table with membership brochures and mission-based materials — people of all ages say the number one reason they join AAUW is our mission! — and offer the discounted membership rate to attendees.  You can also reserve a booth or table at a local event that you know attracts a large audience of women who would find AAUW appealing.

You can cosponsor events with local community colleges or colleges/universities, campus women’s groups, and such community organizations as the Girl Scouts, the YWCA, and professional women’s associations. Spotlight local issues that will allow you to collaborate with other groups, especially those with different membership bases.

Step 2:

Ask visitors to complete the guest/referral sheet (download below). Encourage them to join on the spot to receive 50 percent off their national dues. Remember: AAUW national dues are almost entirely tax deductible! Regular AAUW national dues are $59, of which $56 is tax deductible; $3 of the national dues payment is not tax deductible because it supports the AAUW Action Fund’s section 501(c)(4) Lobby Corps and election-related activities. Discounted dues through Shape the Future are only $29.50, of which $26.50 is tax deductible; $3 of the national dues payment is not tax deductible.

Step 3:

Give the membership dues collected at the event to your branch finance officer along with the guest/referral list. The finance officer can then attach these forms for submission to the state and the national office. Membership dues should be submitted to the state and national offices within 30 days of the event.

The top branch and state recruiters in two categories will get special recognition: the highest overall percentage growth and the highest overall numeric growth in new members as of the annual February 1 count. All individuals who recruit five or more new members will receive special lapel pins for top recruiters.

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Download a brochure

Download the referral form

Who Is Eligible for Membership?

AAUW membership is open to anyone with an associate (or equivalent) degree or higher from a regionally accredited institution. A “new member” is someone entirely new to AAUW or an individual who rejoins after two or more years of nonmembership.

A national member who joins a branch is not a new member. “New members” are the only members eligible for the membership discounts through this campaign.

How Do We Redeem Our Free Memberships?

Within 30 days of submitting your new member dues to the national office, check out the Monthly Status Report to see how many free memberships your branch has earned and to redeem them.

Monthly Status Report

Redemption Form

Remember that

  • Free memberships earned by the branch can be given to anyone who qualifies for membership (see Who Is Eligible for Membership, above).
  • Free memberships must be used within the fiscal year in which they are earned (by June 30). After March 15, branches should focus on the next fiscal year for membership recruitment.


Watch AAUW video on YouTube

The Power of Membership Recruitment Video

As an AAUW member, you already know how AAUW opens the doors of opportunity to women and girls through our programs, research, and advocacy. But now you can show the world! We’re proud to introduce our fabulous recruitment video!

Members of the AAUW La Palma-Cerritos (CA) Branch spreading the word about AAUW at Cerritos College.

How to Use the Relational Recruitment Method to Grow Your Branch

Recruiting doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. This resource will show you how to focus on getting to know the person and what she wants so that you can invite her to participate in a way that is meaningful to her.


Membership Join Brochure

The AAUW join brochure outlines the opportunities provided by AAUW to its individual members to empower themselves and other women.