PowerPoint Presentation: Solving the Equation: The Variables for Women’s Success in Engineering and Computing

Download Microsoft PowerPoint — 3 MB

March 26, 2015

Use this presentation to share the findings from AAUW’s latest research report, Solving the Equation: The Variables for Women’s Success in Engineering and Computing, at meetings, conferences, and other events. This presentation will feature the latest data on engineering and computing, how few women are working in these fields, and what can be done.

When it comes to the engineering and computing workforce, which accounts for more than 80 percent of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) jobs, women remain dramatically underrepresented. Women make up just 26 percent of the computing workforce and 12 percent of the engineering workforce, and African American, Hispanic, and Native American women are especially underrepresented.

Careers in engineering and computing hold promising prospects for workers: The work can be challenging and rewarding, and computer scientists and engineers are especially well compensated. These are opportunities that should be available to women. When women are not represented in these fields, we’re leaving half our workforce out of innovation opportunities. We all lose.


Solving the Equation is made possible by these generous supporters: the National Science Foundation, Research on Gender in Science and Engineering award 1420214; AT&T; and the Mooneen Lecce Giving Circle.