AAUW Student Organization Terms and Conditions

AAUW’s student organizations agree to promote AAUW’s mission by advancing equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research. As an AAUW student organization, our leadership board agrees to these requirements as defined by AAUW’s bylaws and board of directors’ policies:

The student organization may not discriminate on the basis of gender identity, sex, race, sexual orientation, national origin, age, religion, ethnicity, or disability, and affirmatively seeks to achieve diversity among participants.


Advocacy efforts of AAUW student organizations must adhere to the member-approved AAUW Public Policy Program. Student organizations interested in taking a position on any policy issue, including but not limited to federal, state, and local legislation, should coordinate those efforts with AAUW before doing so by emailing advocacy@aauw.org. AAUW student organizations are reminded to observe AAUW’s longstanding commitment to nonpartisan advocacy.

Use of AAUW’s Name

AAUW student organizations are encouraged to use the format “AAUW at (university name).” The name may be used only with the approval of AAUW.

AAUW Branding Guidelines

AAUW creates customized logos for every AAUW student organization. If any organization creates social media accounts, they are required to use their customized logos on their accounts. AAUW’s logo may not be revised or altered in any way. The AAUW name and logo cannot be used solely for personal or professional financial gain.

AAUW Fundraising Guidelines

AAUW student organizations are encouraged to raise at least $100 for the national office a year and agree to follow AAUW’s fundraising policies:

  • Funds raised must go to support the AAUW national office or your student organization’s campus programs and must be used for purposes that directly relate to AAUW’s mission. Student organizations may also raise money to support student organization members attending AAUW’s National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL) or other AAUW leadership programs.
  • Fundraising for other organizations at meetings and events is not allowed.
  • AAUW student organizations may collaborate with other like-minded student organizations or work with local charities to provide in-kind donations like services or goods.

Media Release

All AAUW student organizations grant AAUW access to quotes, images, and other project documents for promotional and social media purposes.

Student Organization Renewal

AAUW student organizations must renew their student organization leadership contact information by June 15 of each new school year.

If you have questions about the terms and conditions, please email leadership@aauw.org.