AAUW Student Organization Leader Tool Kit

AAUW student organizations are continuing AAUW’s legacy of campus activism by changing campus climates across the country. Student organization members create community and take action around AAUW’s policy issues to empower and advance women and girls. Use this tool kit as a step-by-step guide for forming, programming, promoting, and engaging your student organization on your campus.

Getting Started Student Organization


First Thing’s First

Plan Your Year

Marketing AAUW Student Organization

Marketing and Recruitment

AAUW Membership

Marketing and Recruitment

Fundraise Student Organization

Fundraise for AAUW

Know AAUW’s fundraising guidelines.

  1. Funds raised must go to AAUW national or to support your student organization’s campus programs.You can also raise money to support student organization members attending AAUW’s National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL) or other AAUW campus initiatives.
  2. Fundraising for other organizations is not allowed.
  3. Feel free to collaborate with other like-minded student organizations or work with local charities to provide in-kind donations like services or goods.

Fundraising Resources

Next Level NCCWSL

Take It to the Next Level

Take Advantage of AAUW’s Campus Initiatives

Your Next Steps with AAUW


Group of college women standing outside a university building

Student Organization FAQ

Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about AAUW student organizations.

Muskingum University’s adviser and the organization’s executive board members

How to Plan Engaging AAUW Campus Programming

Recruit new members and engage current ones by taking your campus events to the next level!

Kelsey, pictured on the right, posses with her friend and fellow AAUW student org member

6 Reasons Why You Should Become an E-Student Affiliate!

Give a minute; gain a lifelong community of leaders! Here are our top six reasons to join AAUW as an e-student affiliate.