Resources for State and Branch Public Policy Chairs

AAUW’s state public policy chairs (SPPCs) and branch public policy chairs (BPPCs) form the backbone of our grassroots advocacy program. As volunteer leaders, public policy chairs help to advance AAUW’s Public Policy Priorities while organizing and encouraging other AAUW members to do the same. Among their many significant contributions, SPPCs and BPPCs lead AAUW voter education and turnout campaigns in their state or branch, advocate for AAUW’s Public Policy Priorities to lawmakers and represent AAUW’s policy program to fellow AAUW members, the public and the media. In their roles, state and branch public policy chairs ensure the progress of national, state and local public policies that empower women and girls.

Public Policy Chair Manual

The public policy chair manual provides an overview of the roles, the basics of public policy and advocacy and sample tactics to take action. They also include contact information for AAUW policy staff, a comprehensive list of advocacy how-to resources and excerpts of relevant AAUW board policies.

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Start here for resources designed to empower AAUW public policy chairs in their leadership roles.

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Know the Issues

The member-endorsed AAUW Public Policy Priorities guide our lobbying and grassroots efforts to advance policies that break through educational and economic barriers for women.


Hone Your Skills

Whether you’re new to advocacy or a seasoned veteran, everyone needs a refresher sometimes! Use these guides to familiarize yourself with the tools of the trade for successful advocacy.

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Reach Out

The AAUW policy team is here to assist and empower you in your advocacy efforts. Do you have questions about your role? Recent advocacy successes to share? Ideas for advocacy efforts in your state or branch? Let us know!

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Take Action

Former Speaker of the House Thomas “Tip” O’Neill is famous for the phrase, “All politics is local.” AAUW strongly believes that member participation is essential to our success. Here are just a few of the many ways you can put your knowledge into action and engage members of your state or branch.