Women In Community College: Research In the News

On this page, you can find selected media coverage of the AAUW research report, Women in Community Colleges: Access to Success. Local and national newspapers and news stations are reporting AAUW’s findings and talking with our researchers. Check out their analysis.

Keep the Money Flowing to Community Colleges
Linda Hallman
New York Times, 5/29/2013

Why Consider Community Colleges When Seeking Career Change?
Lauren Byrnes
Take the Lead, 5/9/2013

New report praises Arkansas program helping parents to complete college degrees
Rachel Hoffmeyer
KATV-ABC 7 AR, 5/9/2013

Student parents face shrinking child care funding at community colleges
Kay Steiger
Rawstory.com, 5/10/2013

Child care remains a barrier for many student parents
Tabitha Whissemore
Community College Times, 5/9/2013

Report Urges More Help for Women at Community Colleges
Inside Higher Ed, 5/10/2013

AAUW Urges Action on Child Care, Women’s STEM Participation at Community Colleges
Ronald Roach
Diverse Issues in Higher Education, 5/9/2013

Child care and STEM fields are called barriers to women at 2-year colleges
Katherine Mangan
Chronicle of Higher Education, 5/10/2013

Why It’s Important to Support Students with Kids
Kristina Chew
Care2 Make a Difference, 5/15/2013

For Mother’s Day, Support Mom’s at Community College
Linda Hallman
Huffington Post, 5/9/2013

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