Workshop: Say Yes to the Ask: How to Talk the Advocacy Talk

This workshop teaches concrete strategies for conducting and maximizing one-on-one conversations with people who want to get more involved in AAUW. The session offers a template for structuring one-on-one conversations, dos and don’ts for those conversations, and tips for overcoming tough objections. After you learn these skills, your conversations will be more effective and you’ll be more likely to get a “yes” to your ask!

Resources for the “Say Yes to the Ask” workshop:

  1. One-to-One Conversations Presentation (PPT)
  2. Overcoming Tough Objections Exercise (PDF)
  3. Problem-Solution-Action Handout (PDF)
  4. Dos, Don’ts and Tips for One-to-One Conversations Handout (PDF)
  5. Making the Virtual Ask Handout (PDF)

This workshop was originally presented at the AAUW 2013 National Convention by AAUW Associate Director of Field Operations Samantha Galing, and AAUW Grassroots Advocacy Coordinator Deborah Swerdlow.

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