Jennifer J. Freyd

Freyd v. University of Oregon

Professor Jennifer J. Freyd, a respected senior faculty member in the University of Oregon’s Psychology Department, is paid significantly less than many of her male colleagues of equal rank as a result of “retention raises,” or salary increases given in the face of a competing offer. In this case, Professor Freyd has taken action against the University, contending that the University’s practice of granting such raises without equalizing salaries of other faculty of comparable merit has a disparate impact on women and violates the Equal Pay Act, Title VII, Title IX and Oregon’s sex discrimination law. Read more »

The Gender Pay Gap by State: An Interactive Map

The gender pay gap exists in almost every congressional district according to the most recent statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau. How do your state and district stack up? Read more »

Equity Express

Equity Express is a monthly enewsletter that provides career tips, information and inspiration to those interested in workplace gender equity.

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2019 State Convention Presentation from Chief Executive Officer Kimberly Churches

AAUW members all over the country will be meeting this spring and getting updates about AAUW’s strategic plan and goals moving forward. But those who can’t make it to a […] Read more »

Kim Churches Leader Webinar Presentation for 5/21

PowerPoint for member leader webinar.  Full webinar will be available late afternoon 5/24. Read more »

Main building on the campus of the University of Kentucky with office building in the background and a cannon in the forgrounds

Jane Doe v. The University of Kentucky

To ensure access to education for women and girls, AAUW advocates for the full protections of Title IX.  AAUW’s Legal Advocacy Fund supports this case to reform the sexual assault hearing process on campuses. Currently, alleged assailants have multiple opportunities to re-victimize survivors through the hearings process, under the guise of due process.  Read more »

2019 AAUW National Election Questions

How to Join the Discussion

Log In Enter your member ID and password. You must be logged in to submit a question. Look up your member ID and change your password. Join the discussion… Type […] Read more »

The main quad, also called "The Yard," is Howard University’s symbolic heart and center of campus life.

Jane Doe, et al v. Howard University

Jane Doe, et al v. Howard University is a case involving six current and former Howard University female students (Jane Does) who reported sexual assaults in 2014, 2015, and 2016.  They allege that these assaults were committed by male employees and students at the university. Read more »

A multi-racial office team meet and thrash out ideas together.

Community Resource Mapping Form

Resource maps help us put together the strategy and plan for a specific AAUW Work Smart City/State initiative. They provide information about who and where there are resources in a […] Read more »

Report AAUW Branch and State Local Scholarships

AAUW branches and states provide funding for local scholarship programs across the U.S. for qualified women students seeking educational funding. Read more »