Campus Initiatives

Shaping the next generation of leaders

Each year, AAUW’s campus leadership programs shape the lives of thousands of college women to be the next generation of leaders. Students who belong to the AAUW college/university partners members program will receive priority application preference.

Five members of the University of the District of Columbia's AAUW Campus Action Project team stand with their leadership project poster for #HEARMELEAD.

AAUW Campus Action Projects

AAUW Campus Action Projects are annual, grant-funded, projects that allow women on campus to take action on ending the leadership gap. Learn how you can fight gender bias and discrimination at your schools this year.

NCCWSL 2016-107

National Conference for College Women Student Leaders

The National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL) unites college women from across the country to address important leadership issues of the day. Attendees have transformative experiences that inspire them to improve their campuses and their communities.

National Student Advisory Council

AAUW National Student Advisory Council

The AAUW National Student Advisory Council (SAC) is a yearlong leadership program for 10 college women who serve as AAUW ambassadors on their campuses. These students build relationships with local AAUW branches, lead campus events that promote women’s equity,  and implement NCCWSL activities.


AAUW Start Smart

AAUW Start Smart salary negotiation workshops provide college women who are approaching the job market the knowledge and skills to negotiate salaries and benefits.

Members of the AAUW student organization at the University of California, Los Angeles tabling information.

AAUW Student Organizations

At colleges and universities around the world, AAUW student organizations are demanding equity for women and girls. AAUW student organizations receive free online resources and support to create campus programming around women’s issues, build on-campus feminist communities, and join a global network of more than 170,000 AAUW members and supporters.