AAUW National Student Advisory Council

For over a decade, AAUW’s National Student Advisory Council has provided a leadership development opportunity for undergraduate women, supporting the National Conference for College Women Leaders (NCCWSL) and creating on-campus programs. In line with AAUW’s newly-adopted Strategic Plan, we are undertaking a review of the National Student Advisory Council program and are not seeking candidates for the 2018-2019 academic year.  During this hiatus we will explore new strategies to maximize our impact on campuses.  Thank you for your interest and support.

The 2017–18 AAUW National Student Advisory Council

The 2017–17 AAUW National Student Advisory Council

Every academic year, AAUW selects 10 inspiring college students to serve on the prestigious National Student Advisory Council (SAC). This unique feminist team builds leadership skills through campus activism projects, monthly conference calls, and serving as peer leaders during AAUW’s annual National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL).

Why apply for the AAUW SAC?

This program gives 10 passionate college students the opportunity to advise a national women’s organization and represent the diverse voices of students on their campus. Through campus activism projects and community outreach to AAUW student organizations, SAC members develop leadership skills and gain valuable résumé-building experiences. Most important, members form lifelong connections to their team and hundreds of SAC alumnae.

SAC members receive two all-expense-paid trips to Washington, D.C. In the fall the SAC attends a leadership retreat at AAUW’s national headquarters and in the spring members serve as peer leaders at AAUW’s National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL).

Our Student Advisory Council Alum

Former AAUW SAC members have gone on to achieve amazing feats, from working on Capitol Hill to creating their own nonprofits. Read about the women who have joined the council since it was founded in 2002 »

“The SAC taught me how to thrive as a leader. I learned never to doubt my voice, to be more confident in my organizing, and how to constantly learn to be a better ally.” — Sarah Best, SAC 2016–17

 “AAUW helped give me my start in my career, which has allowed me to go to places I never imagined.” — Donya Nasser, SAC 2013–14

“I never thought I would have strong friendships with women from different states when I applied to this position.”
— Dalya Hazim, SAC 2015–16

“It was truly inspiring to work with women from across the country who want to bring about change as fervently as you do.” — Brooke Lopez, SAC 2016–2017

“The SAC empowered me to think critically, care deeply, and fight harder for changes in the world around me.” — Madison Norwich, SAC 2015–16

“SAC taught me what it truly means to be a leader. This is a life-changing experience and will have such a positive impact on how you serve your community and the world.”
Tameika Scott, SAC 2002–03

“Because the SAC was so diverse, each member challenged my perceptions of feminism, and I’m taking away a new sense of being intersectional and inclusive.”
— Caroline Hymel, SAC 2015–16

“I spent nine months getting to know nine amazing women while doing something that I’m very passionate about: empowering women and advocating for gender equity.”
— Theresa Hice Johnson, SAC 2015–16

“This is a life-changing and inspiring opportunity to surround yourself with an empowering community of women who want to change the world.” — Sapphire Andersen, SAC 2016–17