Celebrating 130 Years of AAUW American Fellowships

The American Fellowship program is the oldest and largest of AAUW’s fellowships and grants programs. It was founded in 1888, a time when women were discouraged from pursuing higher education. Now one of the largest sources of funding for graduate education for women, the program has supported more than 5,000 women scholars who are completing dissertations, taking research leave from their colleges or universities, or finalizing research for publication — three critical points in a woman’s academic career.

Ida Street, a pioneer in the field of early American Indian history, was the first AAUW American Fellow, receiving a grant of $350. Since then, thanks to the generosity its members and supporters, AAUW has established an endowment that will continue to support the next generation of women scholars and leaders for years to come.

Below, read about some of  the most remarkable recipients of the AAUW American Fellowship — and the important contributions and breakthroughs they have made in their fields.


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