AAUW in the Statehouse


AAUW members make a difference in statehouses across the United States. With chapters and branches in all 50 states; Washington, D.C.; Puerto Rico; and Guam, our members are able to exert significant influence over policy.

The AAUW Public Policy Priorities is driven by our members and their interests. Priorities are chosen according to the criteria of viability, critical need, strong member support, and potential for distinctive AAUW contribution or leadership. While we believe it is important to have a strong, unified voice so that it is clear what AAUW stands for, members and their branches select which of those policy priorities to advance.

The AAUW state policy team can help you identify, track, and assess current legislation where you live, while the AAUW grassroots advocacy team can help you rally your network to support and oppose proposed bills. For requests pertaining to legislative analysis, fill out the State Legislative Request Intake Form. For information about and materials for grassroots advocacy, check out these resources.




Get state-specific help

Fill out the State Legislative Request Intake Form to get legislative assistance in your state.

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Take action

Become a two-minute activist and contact your elected officials.


Become a leader

Learn how to take on a policy leadership role in your state.

Social scientists estimate that, at any given time, 27 million women, men and children are victims of human trafficking.

State Policy Sex Trafficking Tool Kit

Outlines three key state policy priorities to identify and combat sex trafficking.

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Policy Guide to Equal Pay in the States

Until a federal law is passed, states will continue operating under piecemeal laws to combat unequal pay.