Be a Salary Negotiation Workshop Ambassador

There are two ways to bring an AAUW salary negotiation workshop to your community or campus: (1) recruit your local campus or community leaders to host a workshop; (2) follow the steps to serve as an AAUW salary negotiation workshop ambassador and actively promote and recruit workshops in your region.

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How to Serve as an AAUW Salary Negotiation Ambassador

AAUW’s salary negotiation ambassadors are dedicated individuals who communicate with local campuses and organizations to promote AAUW Work Smart and AAUW Start Smart workshops in their region. We rely on ambassadors’ commitment and outreach efforts to build new relationships and increase our workshops’ reach. Here’s how to recruit sites to host workshops:

1. Find your target sites.

Brainstorm a list of target campuses or organizations in your area and determine if you or colleagues have a pre-existing relationship with them. If you don’t have those direct contacts, think about the following:

  • Where can you promote the workshops?
  • Can you connect with your local Chamber of Commerce to get their help in identifying potential host sites for AAUW Work Smart workshops?
  • Are there local community colleges or universities that you could approach to host AAUW Smart Start workshops?
  • Can you build relationships with nearby women’s organizations that could help identify sites, or host themselves?



2. Choose the right workshop.

Since you’ve identified your target, you can decide which workshop will fit their needs

  • AAUW Start Smart is specifically designed for college students about to enter the job market. The program emphasizes how to create personal budget.
  • AAUW Work Smart is for working women of any age and career level. In addition to salary negotiation, participants also learn objective research skills to help them negotiate for raises and promotions.


3. Build your pitch.

Use the tools below to become more knowledgeable about pay equity. Then create a pitch to show businesses, colleges, and community organizations why hosting a salary negotiation workshop is the right choice!

Tool for marketing an AAUW salary negotiation workshop

Tools on the pay gap


4. Request a meeting.

You’ve identified your audience, done your research, and written your pitch. Now it’s time to request a meeting. If your contact is close by, you’ll want to consider an in-person meeting. If not, schedule a phone call. Soon you’ll be ready to spread the word about AAUW’s salary negotiation workshops!

  • Use this e-mail template to ask your contact to meet with you regarding hosting a workshop.
  • Once you’ve scheduled a meeting, send a copy of our one-pager on AAUW salary negotiation to each attendee. If the meeting is in person, it’s a good idea to bring printed copies to the meeting.
  • You may want to have a copy of the AAUW salary negotiation information sheet on hand for your own reference during your meeting.



5. Follow up.

After you’ve held your meeting, make sure you get back in touch with your contact.

  • After your meeting, send an e-mail thanking your contact using this e-mail template as a guide.
  • If your contact agrees to host an AAUW salary negotiation workshop, it’s time to put them in touch with AAUW staff, using this e-mail template as a guide.


  • E-mail template
    Send a thank you note following your meeting about offering a workshop.
  • E-mail template
    Introducing an AAUW staff member to a workshop host

Read the salary negotiation workshop FAQ to learn more.


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