Host an AAUW Salary Negotiation Workshop

Your campus or organization can train women to negotiate their starting salaries and help close the gender wage gap!

AAUW offers two workshops, Start Smart and Work Smart, each designed for particular audiences.

Designed for college students who are about to enter the job market, Start Smart addresses AAUW’s findings that women one year out of college are paid only 82 percent of what their male counterparts receive.

Who might host a Start Smart workshop?
Student organizations, career centers, women’s centers, academic departments, graduate school programs, and other student-focused organizations.

Cost to Host

First-time, single workshop: $650

Subsequent single workshop: $350

Three-year license: $1,750

Discounts are available for C/U partner members as well as for campuses seeking multi-campus licenses. For more information on three-year licenses and discounts, see below.

Created for working women, Work Smart is an interactive workshop that teaches you to evaluate, negotiate, and articulate your worth confidently in the job market.

Who might host a Work Smart workshop? Local professional or community organizations, AAUW branches, Younger Women’s Task Force (YWTF) chapters, YWCAs, graduate programs, alumni associations, and corporate or public agencies.

Cost to Host

First-time, single workshop: $1,000

Subsequent single workshop: $850

Discounts are available for AAUW branches and YWTF chapters, as well as for organizations seeking multi-site licenses. For more information on three-year licenses and discounts, see below.

Host organizations are responsible for workshop logistics, including

  • Identifying a point of contact
  • Securing a trained salary negotiation facilitator
  • Securing a venue with the necessary technical requirements
  • Printing student workbooks and supplementary materials

If a salary negotiation facilitator is not already available, AAUW’s salary negotiation team will assist with the above responsibilities and provide additional planning support as needed.

Not affiliated with a campus or part of an organization that can host?

You can still get involved! Learn more about being a salary negotiation ambassador!

What is a three-year license?

When you purchase a three-year license for Start Smart, you are entitled to host unlimited workshops within a three-year period. You have the autonomy to set your yearly schedule and incorporate the workshop into existing events or activities, all with the continuing support of AAUW’s salary negotiation staff.

What’s included with a three-year license?

In addition to unlimited workshops, AAUW will train three people of your choice to be facilitators, who will then be eligible to present future workshops. Your license also provides access to a growing network of other license holders who meet regularly over webinars and conference calls to share tips, strategies, and best practices. Advanced training opportunities will help you strengthen your salary negotiation program, ensuring that your participants will reap the benefits of this critical knowledge.

How can I host a workshop?

Please complete the form below. Our program staff will walk you through the contract process and gladly answer any questions you have!

Read the FAQ to learn more.