STEMpack: Tech Savvy

Tech Savvy is a one-day science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) conference for 6th–9th grade girls and their guardians. Usually held on a college campus, the event introduces underrepresented girls to STEM and demystifies some of the college admissions and funding process for parents.

This event is intended for a conference-style setting with space available for keynote speeches and breakout sessions, to be led by volunteers with help from experienced STEM and campus professionals. There should be space and materials available for hands-on STEM experiments.

Visit your local branch website to find Tech Savvy events in your area


  • Step-by-step instructions for holding a Tech Savvy event
  • A sample agenda

This STEMpack Is Best Suited To

  • An audience of middle-school students
  • A university or college setting

Download the STEMpack: Tech Savvy.

More about STEMpacks

AAUW and our partner organizations have successfully teamed up to produce STEMpacks: innovative and easy-to-use resources for advocates and educators working with middle-school girls. STEMpacks cover engaging topics from cyber security to aerospace engineering. Not only do students tackle cutting-edge coursework, but they also remain inspired to pursue their STEM passions long after the lessons are finished.