National Giving, Local Impact

AAUW members visited state capitols to urge their representatives to support paycheck fairness.

AAUW members in Texas visited their state capitol on Equal Pay Day to urge their representatives to support paycheck fairness.

Charitable donations make AAUW’s important work possible, both nationally and locally. There are many ways to honor or memorialize someone special or recognize an important event by investing in women and girls through AAUW. Sponsorship is a powerful way to show your support for AAUW national initiatives and see the results at the local level.


Celebrate Your Milestone: Establish an Honorary or Memorial Fund

If your goal is providing educational opportunities, advocating for women in leadership positions, or supporting all AAUW programs, creating an Honorary or Memorial Fund is a great way to start. These named funds offer individual recognition and provide critical funds to our growing programmatic priorities. Gifts to these funds are tax deductible to the donors. Both Honorary and Memorial Funds

  • Are established for short-term fundraising and are specified for current use to fund AAUW programs with the greatest need
  • Are completed in a one-year or two-year term with a $5,000 minimum goal and are established with a gift that is equal to 10 percent of the goal
  • Encourage manageable fundraising goals and celebrate successes
  • Recognize the honoree immediately and garner support locally, with AAUW national recognition upon completion
  • Give donors certainty about where their gift will go because the terms are specified in a signed agreement with AAUW

To learn more about establishing an Honorary or Memorial Fund,
please contact Heather Miller.

If you would like to make an individual gift to honor or memorialize a loved one, please use the online donate form.


Sponsor a Local Program

Most national programs are implemented in the local community. You and your branch can make a donation to AAUW to bring a national program like one of those listed below to your community, and you’ll gain AAUW national recognition for your sponsorship. Each sponsorship is tax deductible to the donor.

Campus Initiatives

Legal Advocacy Fund

AAUW National STEM Programs

To learn more about mission-based community support options,
please contact Tremayne Parquet.


Establish an Endowment

For generations, AAUW members and branches have established Endowed Funds to honor their commitment to AAUW’s mission of empowering women and girls. Like the Honorary and Memorial Funds, these named funds can pay tribute to distinguished individuals or celebrate a branch milestone while providing fellowships and grants to outstanding women scholars and community programs.

Fellowship or Grant Type Establishment Contribution Completion Level Time Frame
for Completion
American Fellowship $10,000 $200,000 15 years
International Fellowship $10,000 $200,000 15 years
Research and Project Grants $5,000 $75,000 10 years

To learn more about establishing an endowment,
please contact the Development office.